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Storage  Ottomons  and  Bedroom  Benches

Our  storage ottomons  provide  that    hideaway    area    to   store   items    that   are   at   hands   length   when  you   really    need    them.
               Bedroom   benches   are  built   to    set   at    the    end   of    the    bed   with    ample   storage   for   bedding  accessories,  they  can  also  be   built   as    a    set    with    the   custom  bed    or   headboard.
                             If   you  can  dream  it  we  can  build   it!

Please   call    for   pricing

Ottomon/Sleeper Bed/Table
Add extra sleeping space,but also doubles as a comfy and decorative ottoman and table.This unique piece of furniture can be built for  any décor ,from fully upholstered traditional  to weathered waxed barnwood for the rustic look.
Dimensions 20” high 35” deep 46” long
               If you can dream it we can build it!
Please call for pricing
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Griff's Originals

We have been building furniture in the mountain communities since 1988 and have the resources and knowledge to deliver what our clients are shopping for in upholstered furniture. John’s is able to create a unique and original piece of furniture, not found in any furniture store. 

Custom built furniture can be created by using a photo, drawing or just an idea. Custom furniture is an investment and considering that, every piece has the individual attention and quality our clients have come to expect. Items we build are sofas, sectionals, chairs, beds, sleeper coffee table ottomans, benches, storage ottomans, window cornice, Dinky children’s furniture, or your own very special design.
Our goal is your satisfaction, guaranteed!
Call or email for appointment.

Take a look at a custom sofa being built!
Thanks for looking! John

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