Antique Restoration Services

Johns specializes in antique restoration. We meticulously restore your antique furniture, carefully considering the furniture’s age and its special place in your heart. In addition to focusing on your piece’s unique needs, there are some basic elements we attend to in every project:

    • selecting fabric and nails,
    • repairing or replacing padding,
    • removing, inspecting, and repairing/replacing springs,
    • fixing loose frames or joints,
    • touching up or refinishing exposed wood and
    • sanitizing the frame if necessary.

You can keep the style true to the original era, or update and modernize it. Regardless of your choice, we’ll discuss options and design with you to ensure the finished product is just right.

The images below display samples of our antique restoration work. There are examples where the piece has been redone to stay true to its original period, and others where it received a modern updo.

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