John’s Upholstery

Antique Restoration

Johns specializes in antique restoration. We meticulously restore your antique furniture, carefully considering its age and special place in your heart. In addition to focusing on your piece’s unique piece’s needs, there are some essential elements we attend to in every project:

    • selecting fabric and nails,
    • repairing or replacing padding,
    • removing, inspecting, and repairing/replacing springs,
    • fixing loose frames or joints,
    • touching up or refinishing exposed wood and
    • sanitizing the frame if necessary.

You can keep the style accurate to the original era or update and modernize it. Regardless of your choice, we’ll discuss options and design with you to ensure the finished product is just right.

Ready to Get Started?

  • Tell us about your project. Please email us a photo of your piece and a description of what you want to do. We’ll clarify any questions and then reply with an accurate price range for your project. We will happily work with you in person if you’d like an in-home consultation.
  • Select your fabric(s). You can browse our website’s extensive upholstery fabric and trim offerings. We’re happy to consult via phone or in person or to send samples of your potential fabric selections. Take your time choosing the exact fabric to suit your project.
  • Approve Final Pricing and Pick-up DateOnce you’ve made your fabric and trim selections and agreed on your unique design, we will provide you with a final price and set up a time to pick up your furniture. It will be 7 – 14 days from when we pick up your piece to when it arrives back in your home. We’ll carefully transport it to and from our shop to ensure it arrives at your home looking new.
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