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upholstered wall

Upholstered Wall

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wall before upholstery

upholstered wall upholstered wall

This beautiful, upholstered wall adds warmth (literally) and coziness to this quaint bedroom.  The project was awarded to our firm from Abrit Construction of Crested Butte.  The project was very challenging considering the height of the wall (15’) and very limited space to work. Construction is a framework that is padded in 1 ½” polyester to provide a loft and crown, the trim is ¼” cord which finishes the wall. These upholstered walls provide sound dampening in areas with excessive echo, working well in home theatres.  Upholstered walls are available in both fabric and leather.  The Roman shades are fabricated with a continuous loop lift system that keeps the cords off the floor.

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