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Custom Red Bench Banquette

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Custom Red Bench Banquette for a Local Restaurant

I take pride in showcasing this project – a custom red banquette designed to elevate the atmosphere of this local restaurant. This banquette combines comfort, durability, and style, making it a standout addition to the restaurant’s ambiance.

The maroon color of the banquette not only adds warmth to the space, but also creates a visually striking focal point. Furthermore, It effortlessly complements the restaurant’s existing decor, enhancing the overall dining atmosphere. The choice of color reflects our careful consideration of the restaurant’s brand and the desired ambiance. This showcases the attention to detail that John’s Upholstery is renowned for.

Specially measured and crafted for a long bench, this custom banquette goes beyond aesthetics to prioritize comfort. The plush seating invites customers to linger and savor their meals, providing an unparalleled dining experience. The diamond tufted backs with buttons add a touch of elegance, turning a simple bench into a luxurious seating arrangement.

What’s more, functionality is not compromised in the pursuit of style. The fabric used in crafting this banquette is a high durability vinyl. This material ensures longevity and resilience in the face of the daily hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant. Moreover, the fabric’s easy cleanability makes maintenance easy, ensuring that the banquette retains its pristine appearance for years to come.

Every inch of this custom red bench banquette reflects the craftsmanship and dedication that I pour into my work. From the diamond tufting to the choice of fabric, each detail is a testament to our commitment to excellence here at John’s Upholstery.

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