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camelback sofa with nail trim

Camelback Sofa with Nail Trim

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At John’s Upholstery, we created a camelback sofa with nail trim that showcases our commitment to both style and functionality. Our client had a traditional sofa with three separate seat cushions, but they desired a more casual seating experience without the discomfort of the inevitable gap between cushions. Our material of choice for this project was a cotton-polyester blend sculptured chenille in a timeless tan hue. This fabric not only enhances elegance but also durability, making it the perfect fit for a high-traffic area. The easy-to-clean nature of the material eliminates the need for dry cleaning, ensuring practicality without compromising on aesthetics.

To enhance this sofa, we chose a French natural color decorative nail lining, which accentuates the lines of the piece. This meticulous detailing adds a touch of sophistication, which elevates the overall aesthetic of this piece. Comfort lies in the cushion, so we crafted a luxurious 5-inch high-resiliency polyfoam center. We then covered the foam in a polyester wrap to achieve a beautifully crowned appearance.

What sets this sofa apart is not just its visual appeal, but also its thoughtful design. By transitioning from three cushions to one long seat, we addressed the common discomfort with sitting in gaps between cushions. Now, more people can enjoy the company of others on this piece without the inconvenience of an uncomfortable seating arrangement.

In conclusion, our recent camelback sofa with nail trim not only showcases our dedication to combine style and functionality, but also extends our commitment to customer convenience. From the durable chenille material to detailing with decorative nails, every aspect of this project was carefully considered. The crown-lofted, high-resiliency polyfoam cushion ensures this sofa not only looks good but feels incredible too. When it comes to delivering the revamped furniture back to the customer, here at John’s Upholstery, we take care of all logistics which makes updating furniture an effortless and enjoyable experience for our valued customers. We ensure every aspect of the customer’s journey is as comfortable as the furniture we create.

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